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Everything we do has an impact, so why not do something good?

Technology can enable positive social impact – we’re in the business of technology and we’re committed to building tech for good.

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Atomic Smash is a Certified B Corp.

We know that actions we take can help tackle social and environmental challenges on a local and global scale, impacting and improving communities and lives around the world.

websites for
everyone to use
We aim to build all new websites to meet WCAG AA accessibility guidelines, the industry standard for accessibility.

We consider accessibility at the design stage, implement best practices, and test our websites during development with different input devices and automated tools to ensure they are accessible at the point we hand them over to our clients.

We are committed to:

  • Building all websites to industry standards for accessibility
  • Guiding our clients about accessible content
  • Auditing and fixing any issues that are flagged
  • Recommending improvements that make sites more accessible to a wider audience
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Taking steps to reduce environmental impact

We provide clients with greener websites by building them to be lean, highly performant and fast to load. We also use servers that are powered by renewable energy.

What we’re doing… as a business for our clients
  • We’re a Certified B Corp.

  • Our central office space uses 100% renewable electricity and the majority of our team members use renewable energy at home too.

  • We encourage sustainable travel and most of us walk, cycle or use public transport to come to the office.

  • We’re seeking sustainability wherever possible, like choosing eco-friendlier stock when printing and using recycled material and biodegradable material wherever possible.

  • We are a Climate Positive Workforce with Ecologi, a platform for real climate action that supports the UN’s Global Goals with responsible tree planting, carbon off-setting and funding global climate crisis solutions.

  • Our internal Sustainability Working Group drives forward our plans.

  • Building greener websites, such as reducing a website’s CO₂ by 79.27% and further reductions with a low carbon mode.

  • Recommending green hosting solutions to reduce a website’s impact on the environment.

  • Monitoring carbon usage for all the websites we look after.

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Supporting the communities around us

Supporting the WordPress and creative communities by organising, sponsoring and speaking at events that encourage knowledge exchange and development for professionals and businesses

Funding desks at Spike Island Workspace and donating equipment to support new Bristol-based creative start-ups to take their businesses to the next level

Running virtual opportunities and challenges such as chess tournaments for digital agencies in Bristol, Bath and beyond

Working with clients who share our values

We are proud to work with a wide variety of organisations who share many of the core values we hold here at Atomic Smash.

  • Award-winning collaboration with an inspirational charity

    New website project WooCommerce
  • Delivering the world’s most uplifting news to more readers

    New website project WooCommerce
  • Ongoing digital growth for international centre for contemporary art

    New website project WooCommerce
  • Bringing a rich archive of resources to life for leading not-for-profit

    New website project

We’re B Corp certified

Awards and recognition


Tech for Good Award 2021

Best Digital Design Award 2022

Highly commended

Best Place to Work 2021

Best Place to Work 2019


Sustainability Award 2022

Technology & Innovation Award 2022

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