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GA4 setup 🔍

Make better decisions about your website with GA4 setup.

Ask us what improvements you should make to your website, and we’ll always give you the same answer. Follow the data. Our GA4 setup service helps you do exactly that.

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Get precise and actionable data

Data helps you understand your customers and their needs

Universal Analytics stopped processing data in July 2023. Instead, we were presented with GA4 to manage our website data needs!

For some, this move was brilliant, but for others… let’s just say we’ve heard a lot of people speak unfavourably of it. And much of that discontent is because they are struggling to get it set up and firing correctly.

Increasingly we’ve heard people say:

💬 “We’re struggling with GA4 implementation.”

💬 “We can’t track important user actions.”

💬 “We’re not making the most of our analytics.”

💬 “We don’t know how to set up advanced tracking.”

If any of these sound familiar, keep reading…

What you can expect

Benefits of our GA4 setup service

  • Purple tick icon You’ll have access to accurate and granular GA4 data that helps you understand your customers better
  • Purple tick icon Data-driven decisions remove the guesswork so you can improve commercial outcomes
  • Purple tick icon Tracking events accurately helps you measure success and get the most value from your marketing budget
  • Purple tick icon Your site will comply fully with GDPR
  • Purple tick icon Our GA4 experts are deeply integrated with other teams at Atomic Smash to share knowledge
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Choose the plan that suits you

GA4 Essentials Package from £ 1,000 +VAT

Exactly what you need to get your foundations in place!


  • Configure GA4 data and get it flowing in real time
  • Event tracking to monitor key events and understand your conversions
  • Track exit links off to specific campaigns and other platforms
  • Set up and connect further tools such as Microsoft Clarity for heat maps
  • GDPR-compliant cookie notice with Google Consent Mode v2 using UX patterns that encourage user consent
  • Form abandonment tracking
  • General housekeeping to tidy up and consolidate data

If our pre-built packages don’t suit your needs, we also create bespoke plans. Request a quote.

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