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One of our paper prototypes being used

How to use a paper prototype to design your new website

A paper prototype is a tool used before building prototypes digitally. The paper prototype is made up of blocks that correspond to sections on our websites. Print this paper prototype…

3 weeks ago
Mountain landscape with the

Blend modes in practical use

An insight into a realistic application of CSS blend modes.

2 months ago
A brand image for WordCamp Bristol 2019

Creating a visual identity for WordCamp Bristol 2019

In this post, Ben talks about overseeing the design and branding for the forthcoming WordCamp Bristol 2019

2 months ago
Become a member screen - How to personalise a members area in Axure

How to personalise a user’s sign up journey in Axure

Learn how you can personalise a members login area by passing a users name from the join screen to the welcome page.

2 months ago

Automated browser testing – WordPress talk

David Darke, lead developer and co-founder at Atomic Smash recently gave a talk for a local WordPress Meetup.

3 months ago

CSS Font Variables

Get started with CSS font variables

4 months ago

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