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You asked, we answered

Our day rate is £950 +VAT.

Depending on your requirements, clients typically need between 2 and 8 days per month. Our time is split between design and development, insights, support and maintenance, and Client Partner time.

We’ll work with you during the sales process to help determine what your investment should look like, taking into account your priorities and how quickly you need things to happen. We’ll ALWAYS give you options so it’s tailored to your budget and you’re welcome to change your retainer once we’re working together.

We offer managed WordPress hosting with Kinsta. This utilises a powerful, scalable network and all of the flexibility, speed, and security you need for growth. We’ll completely take care of your hosting needs so you can get the most out of your website and have one less thing to worry about.

No one who actually works with us has ever asked this, but we thought we’d answer it anyway, just in case.

Having an in-house developer is great, but it’s just one person. With Atomic Smash, you get a whole team of experts ready to take your website to the next level. Client Partners, Developers, Designers, QA Engineers, GA4 specialists, SEO experts and CRO enthusiasts are all raring to make proactive, data-driven improvements to your site.

You can’t get that in one person, unless you hire an octopus. (They have NINE brains.)

Yes. We don’t outsource any work.

Investing in a new website can be a large investment upfront. In most cases, it is more cost-effective to invest in Always Evolving®, providing your website is in a stable position for us to work on. This means you aren’t waiting months and months for a new website – we’ll be working on your existing site and can start making incremental improvements right away.

Having said that, we will always be honest. If your website isn’t suitable for Always Evolving® or if we think you would be better off starting over, we’ll tell you and explain why. Our model isn’t the best choice for everyone, and we want to move forward with clients when it is the right fit for both of us.

Always Evolving® is our trademarked way of working at Atomic Smash. It’s designed to enhance websites built using WordPress, WooCommerce or Shopify, to make them perform better.

In short, we take existing websites and improve them. It’s an iterative process where we are consistently optimising your website for commercial success so you can hit your goals, time and again.

This methodology is a strategic alternative to building an entirely new website every few years. (If you want to scrap your existing website and start again, Always Evolving® isn’t right for you.)

We take existing websites that were built by other agencies, then fix and enhance them.

We rely on data, not guesswork. Our Insights specialists will build out roadmaps of website enhancements that are designed to bring you the most impactful results and drive growth through your website.

The website enhancements are delivered by technical experts from your very own pod. This comprises a Client Partner, Designer and Developers who will work on your website every month to optimise and improve it. You’ll catch up with your pod through calls every week or two, plus quarterly workshops.

This is the team who look after your website! You’ll have regular calls and task planning sessions with your pod.

Your pod is typically made up of a Client Partner, a few Developers, a Designer, an Insights expert and a QA Engineer. We also have a dedicated Support Team.

The first step in our onboarding is gaining access to your website and codebase. Usually your existing agency can hand all of this over to us. Next, we line up with our internal processes.

We will have already completed your tech review, so we use onboarding time to get things running smoothly. We’ll invite you to a task board to manage our work, and your Client Partner will run through the whole process with you.

We have a thorough onboarding process to give us a deeper understanding of your website. This process gets us into a position where we are confident:

  1. Deploying updates and changes to your site in a manageable way
  2. Your site robust and secure, or we know how to get it to that position relatively quickly
  3. We could roll back changes easily if we need to, to avoid things breaking unexpectedly

Our onboarding process is in-depth, for good reason. It enables us to work through our development cycles more rapidly and with fewer issues, and means we can get different developers in the team up to speed quickly too.

We’ll work closely with you to prioritise tasks.

Your pod, and Client Partner especially, will help you to determine the importance, urgency and potential impact of each task, then map out a plan.

There will be some tasks you have higher on your agenda. We will also share recommendations based on our expertise, analysis and research. We’ll collaborate with you to make the best decisions.

Your website is a key part of your marketing and sales strategy which means it is never “complete.” People’s expectations and industry standards are always changing and we need to not only keep up, but overtake. A monthly retainer allows you to stay ahead of the curve and continuously develop your website. We also keep on top of security updates with monthly maintenance to keep your website in the best shape possible. You also get:

  • Frequent, direct communication with a team who have an in depth understanding of your business and what makes you money
  • Planned, transparent budgets
  • Guaranteed availability – we’re there when you need us
  • Proactive recommendations to improve your website based on real data
  • Strategic direction for your site aligned with your business goals
  • The occasional dog picture in your inbox if Hugo is in the office
Image of co-founder and Operations Director, David Darke, standing in the office

If you have any more questions…

Throw ’em our way. Use our contact form to get in touch.