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Everything CMOs need to know about user-centred design

Why digital experiences designed with empathy help marketers win

Providing your customers with an outstanding experience is now more business critical than ever.

Successful marketers lead with empathy and place users at the heart of decision-making. So this is your guide to putting your users first.

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According to Forrester, a well-designed user experience can lead to a 400% increase in a website’s conversion rate.

Inside your free guide

What’s covered:

  • How UX benefits business
  • The 8 principles of usability
  • Your customer’s hierarchy of needs
  • What good and bad UX looks like
  • Research methods for a user-centred process
  • Taking practical steps with empathy maps, user personas, user flows, sitemaps, wireframes and prototypes

Lead with empathy to create meaningful interactions, reduce friction, and exceed expectations. There are powerful consequences for revenue and brand loyalty.

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