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Strategic integration and bespoke development combining the power of Salesforce and WordPress

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Salesforce is the world’s most popular CRM.

Salesforce is widely regarded as the leading customer relationship management (CRM) software on the market today. It has over 150,000 customers worldwide including Sony, American Express and Coca-Cola.

Powerful and feature-rich, part of Salesforce’s appeal is that it offers a balance of automated processes and personalisation, for businesses to tailor its services based on their needs.

Integrating Salesforce with an industry-leading CMS like WordPress allows you to boost its capabilities and increase efficiency for your business.

Our team can help you leverage the functionalities of both platforms seamlessly in a way that synchronises data across multiple applications. The results? More intuitive UX for end users, along with clever automations and deeper insights with improved visibility of customer behaviour for your business.

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We’re an agency that listens. We’ll take the time to understand what you need and draw up solutions to grow your business. Contact us to find out more.

Integrating WordPress and Salesforce

Integrating WordPress and Salesforce will give you a centralised location for all customer data, helping you identify potential customers, nurture leads, and close deals more effectively.

As well as increasing conversions, Salesforce will gather the data you need to gain valuable insights into your customers. This can be used to create targeted campaigns and personalised experiences.

Simplified data management will also streamline your internal workflows, making it easier for your sales staff to follow up on leads and close more deals.

There are various plugins and tools you can use to integrate WordPress and Salesforce. You can also seek out the services of a WordPress agency like Atomic Smash.

We offer WordPress website design and support services and handle complex WordPress and Salesforce integration for our clients, as well as other CRM & CMS platforms.

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What are the benefits of WordPress and Salesforce integration?

WordPress and Salesforce are both market-leading platforms and, combined, they can become extremely powerful as business tools.

When you choose the right agency, you will have full confidence your organisation can take advantage of all the benefits of complex WordPress and Salesforce integrations.

You also want to make sure your digital partner is well equipped for the ongoing evolution of WordPress and Salesforce, and to roll out enhancements and improvements.

Other benefits of integrating Salesforce and WordPress include: 

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  • Enhanced lead generation

    with full visibility of analytics and automations

  • Improved user experiences

    with the opportunity to create personalised, seamless, intuitive flows

  • Personalised customer communications

    from gaining a clearer picture of what your customers want

  • Advanced reporting

    to identify and remove friction, plus track opportunities and trends

  • Efficient inventory management

    to streamline processes and build workflows that drive brand loyalty

  • Increased community engagement

    with the opportunity to bring together a community

  • Streamlined business processes

    and an end-to-end business solution to empower your team

Benefits explained

Enhanced lead generation

Lead generation is an important goal for many businesses, and working out the best strategy to achieve this can take time.

Historically, Salesforce has been mainly used for tracking sales and customer data. In recent years, Salesforce has broadened its service offering and automated many of its lead generating functionalities.

This shift is due in part to the rise of more powerful integrations with API capabilities that leverage data to gain deeper understandings of customer behaviour.

Integrating Salesforce into your WordPress site allows you to collect leads from your website and automatically add them to your Salesforce CRM database. You can sync data directly to Salesforce when visitors donate, sign up to newsletters, or register for events.

Not only does this save time and effort by eliminating the need to transfer data manually, it also facilitates effective lead management by centralising leads in a single platform.

Streamlined business processes

Whether you’re syncing a few data points or developing a fully integrated solution, our architects and developers focus on your business goals and deliver configurations tailored to your needs.

We are big advocates of research. We work closely with you to understand how Salesforce integration fits into your business plan. And using the latest technologies and best practices, we ensure that your integration is secure and reliable.

Our agency-client relationship doesn’t end when the project launches. We will provide ongoing support to ensure that your integration is successful, and make recommendations around optimisation.

We will ensure that your Salesforce-WordPress integration delivers an end-to-end business solution that empowers your team and helps you reach your goals.

Improved user experiences

A Salesforce-WordPress integration can improve your internal processes and productivity, deliver better experiences for customers and increase engagement.

Our developers achieve these goals for our clients by designing a custom front-end in WordPress. And our Salesforce architects build custom form and field integrations, objects, and workflows on the back end.

Integrating Salesforce and WordPress increases productivity and efficiency internally. Streamlining your workflows by providing a central location for storing and managing data achieves this.

This leads to more personalised, seamless customer experiences. In turn, these will boost customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as generate more leads, sales, and revenue.

Personalised customer communications

Personalisation is a key factor in effective customer communications. Centralising CRM data in Salesforce produces a clearer picture of your customer base and how they interact with your business.

Use this information to optimise your customer service, create targeted marketing campaigns, and personalise the user experience. For example, you can use User Profile data from Salesforce to create custom fields on Salesforce Contact records. Your marketing team can then create targeted campaigns and communications based on this information.

Integrating Salesforce with WordPress gives you increased visibility of user lifecycles, from the moment users first interact with your business.

You can use these insights to improve your customer service and marketing efforts.

Enhanced reporting

Strong reporting of key data is essential for any organisation. To do this, you need a CRM that gathers this data and delivers insights for business growth.

Salesforce’s advanced reporting capabilities allow you to create reports and dashboards. Here, you can store information related to user profiles, sales and customer service data. It allows you to:

  1. Identify valuable customers and target them with personalised marketing
  2. Track your sales pipeline and remove potential barriers or friction points
  3. Assess the effectiveness of your customer service efforts
    Pinpoint areas for improvement on your website

Use this information to track behaviour patterns, trends and opportunities and form the basis for stronger, more informed growth strategies.

Efficient inventory management

For product-based companies, integrating Salesforce and WordPress can create a powerful system that displays existing inventory directly on your website.

Your customers can browse with confidence knowing that they’re seeing an up-to-date catalogue with accurate stock information.

You can build workflows that ensure a smooth process for both customers and internal staff handling purchases in the database.

Repeat customers will be able to see their transaction history and suggested purchases when they log in, driving brand loyalty by giving them an increased incentive to return.

Increased community engagement

Salesforce and WordPress can be used together to create and grow a community for customers to seek support and share experiences, building trust and brand loyalty in the process.

Users can sign up to access the community on your website, and Salesforce will handle the logistics.

Providing a central location for customers to ask questions and receive support means they will feel more confident about investing in your brand.

It also allows you to generate leads as prospective customers can easily find the information they need to make a purchase decision. And this will give you a greater insight into their needs.

Which WordPress and Salesforce integration solution do I need?

With so many different solutions available, it may not be immediately obvious which one is the best fit for you. Questions to consider are:

  • How much information is required from my site’s lead forms?
  • How are leads handled after collection?
  • How much customisation do I need?

How much information is required from my site’s lead forms?

This will depend on your business needs. A simple integration solution will gather names and email addresses. However, if you need more detailed information, such as phone number, company name, or job title, you will need a more complex solution.

How are leads handled after collection?

Maximise conversions by handling the leads that are collected must be handled effectively. Some integration solutions will automatically send leads to your sales team. Others give you the option of manually reviewing leads before sending them on.

How much customisation do I need?

Not all integration solutions are created equal. Some are highly customisable, while others are more limited. If you have specific requirements, a more customised solution will give you the flexibility you need.

Your website is an investment

Think of your website as an investment, not an expense. With the right digital partner, platforms and integrations in place, your business will generate better results, higher conversions, and more ROI. 

Our ‘Always Evolving’ service model offers different levels of support for businesses of all sizes, as well as a bespoke option for clients in need of a more personalised service.

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Team meeting in creative workspace
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Why integrate WordPress with Salesforce?

Integrating Salesforce with your WordPress website comes with many advantages, such as:

Automated lead capture saving you time and effort plus improved accuracy

Lead tracking and reporting to test and analyse campaign performance

Streamlined sales process with automations and efficiency built in

Stronger customer service using centralised data and personalisation

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We work on complex integrations through our Always Evolving® model, combining ongoing design, development, strategy and performance services. Packaged together to keep your website stays fresh, up-to date, and delivering the results you’re after.


This depends on what you need it to do for you. Larger websites with high levels of traffic may require more complex solutions or higher levels of customisation. Whatever size your business is, our team of experienced developers will use code and connect with APIs to deliver an integrated solution that meets your needs.

Pardot marketing automation is part of Salesforce, however it has its own API (Application Programming Interface) connection.

This depends your business requirements and the complexity of the work required. For simpler setups, Salesforce and WordPress can be linked via a variety of plugins and tools. If it’s a more complex setup, we will work with APIs.

Every website has room for improvement. Digital platforms should always be viewed as a work in progress, and our ‘Always Evolving’ service model reflects that. 

We’ll work with you over time to understand your needs and provide ongoing maintenance and optimisation services to keep your website working hard for you, getting better and better results over time.

Yes. We use data analysis, A/B testing and user research to improve websites, increase sales and maximise your conversions. You can find out more on our ‘Services’ page.

Should I integrate Salesforce into my WordPress site?

By integrating Salesforce with your WordPress site, you can harness the power of two industry-leading platforms. Together, they will extend your website’s functionality and provide a more seamless user experience. The right WordPress-Salesforce integration will allow you to:

  • Enhance your lead generation
  • Streamline workflows and user journeys
  • Personalise your customer experiences
  • Extend your reporting capabilities
  • Manage inventory efficiently
  • Increase engagement in your brand community

Together, WordPress and Salesforce offer a powerful set of tools. Helping you grow your business and continue delivering the best possible experience for your customers.

In order to get the most out of these platforms, you need to be consistently improving and optimising your website in line with changing consumer needs.

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Enhancing your WordPress site

We don’t make awesome websites. We make websites awesome. That means we will take on your existing website and make it the very best it can be, including through Salesforce integration.