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WooCommerce automations for environmental charity

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Streamlined site using WooCommerce for Alpine Garden Society


Environmental charity, Alpine Garden Society, wanted to upgrade from using a website form that required time-consuming follow up and manual payments.

We streamlined their online checkouts, subscriptions and memberships with a WooCommerce site built with customisations and automations for ease and efficiency.

Screenshot of the Alpine Garden Society WordPress site showing the homepage

What the client wanted

  • Supporting funding with online store, memberships, subscriptions and donations
  • Automatically generated membership numbers
  • Automatically generated invoices
  • Manual membership option to cater to less technical demographic
  • Unique setup enabling joint memberships to be linked to one account
  • Custom batch exporter for fulfilment house

The story

About Alpine Garden Society

Alpine Garden Society is one of the largest specialist garden societies in the world. Its purpose is to educate its members and the general public in all matters relating to alpine plants.

A registered charity, Alpine Garden Society supports the development of knowledge and skills in the alpine field and funds cultivation and conservation projects across the UK and abroad.

We designed and developed a new website for Alpine Garden Society, building a robust platform using WordPress and WooCommerce to handle its online shop, memberships, and organise one of the biggest seed exchanges in the world.

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Streamlining memberships to make processes efficient for the charity

Memberships of Alpine Garden Society were time-consuming to process and the team wanted to upgrade from using a website form that required follow up and manual payments.

We solved this challenge by running all memberships through their website using WooCommerce. Setting up automatically-generated membership numbers and invoices helped to streamline organisational processes for the charity.

The client also wanted to have the ability to add memberships into the system manually. This could better match the needs of a less technical demographic within their target audience who might want to organise their membership over the phone.

By keeping WooCommerce as their one source of truth, all memberships could be managed through the platform regardless of whether the membership was set up directly by the new member or behind the scenes by the admin team.

Team member Duncan standing in Bristol

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Customisations for shipping and fulfilment

The process of getting orders to customers needed revisiting to identify where and how it could be simplified and streamlined for better efficiency.

Our solution was a custom batch exporter that the client could use to produce a monthly mailing list and provide this to their fulfilment house.

We also developed extra customisation for the WooCommerce site to handle shipping costs and logistics based on price, weight and count.


Efficiency, extensions, and extra functionality

Customisations and automations were built into Alpine Garden Society’s site to promote ease and efficiency while streamlining online checkout, subscriptions and memberships.

We also integrated extensions to provide additional functionality across the site. This included custom donations to give site visitors more opportunities to support the charity, as well as coupons for special offers.

Responding to audience needs

The new website we produced for Alpine Garden Society is content-driven, in response to how their target audience wants to engage.

We also supported Alpine Garden Society with a unique membership setup reflecting their user needs, which enabled joint memberships to be linked to one account.

Implementing a powerful reporting tool has further enabled the client to gain insights from analytics relating to subscriptions and orders. This helps them test and adjust their approach accordingly so they can keep delivering the products and content their audience wants.

Visit Alpine Garden Society’s website

What we achieved

Enabling the client to manage memberships through their website and rely on it as their one main source of truth

Integrating extensions for additional functionality such as custom donations and coupons for special offers

Producing a content-driven site to reflect how their target audience wants to engage

Implementing a powerful reporting tool to display analytics relating to subscriptions and orders

Extra customisation for shipping costs and logistics based on price, weight and count

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Meeting user needs

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