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Website support and maintenance in Bristol

You’ll have full confidence in your website with our Support & Maintenance service. Get fast and reliable support from friendly experts. We don’t quote and invoice each fix, we work as an extended part of your team, delivering ongoing website support and maintenance in Bristol and beyond. For your peace of mind.

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Your website will be in safe hands

One less thing to worry about

Have you experienced a plugin conflict? Server issues? Or maybe something “just doesn’t work.”

We offer website support and maintenance in Bristol. With this package, you’ll have direct communication with our technical support team who will start looking into your website issue within the hour*.

If you’ve found yourself facing these problems, we’ve got your back:

  • Experienced issues after plugin or theme updates
  • Faced plugin conflicts causing website disruptions
  • Noticed your website isn’t working right but you’re unsure why
  • Experienced server errors affecting your site’s performance
  • Found parts of your website broken or not functioning properly
  • Dealt with slow loading times or intermittent downtime
  • Lacked technical knowledge to fix website problems yourself
  • Felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of updates and maintenance
  • Needed extra resources and support to keep your website running smoothly

*within office hours

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What you can expect

Benefits of our Support & Maintenance package

  • Responses within one hour* to support tickets
  • Peace of mind that we triage tickets and prioritise critical issues, so if your site is down, it’s top of the list
  • Resolving problems with slow websites through strategic server moves
  • Stopping your site going down if it isn’t able to handle high numbers of transactions or page visits by tackling server issues
  • Bridging the technical skills gap, so you can off-load responsibilities
  • Interrogating problems technically to identify why your website is broken and prevent it from happening again in the future
  • Regular updates and maintenance with thorough testing
  • Following best practices for solid security
  • Support team deeply integrated with other teams at Atomic Smash to share knowledge
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Your new technical partner

Website support and maintenance in Bristol and beyond

We’re committed to open communication, fast response times, and sharing knowledge with our clients to give them full confidence in their websites.

How we do it

  • 1. Technical support
    • Get direct access to our tech team for quick fixes and solutions
    • Our team gets text and email alerts, so they can respond within an hour*
    • We’ll prioritise critical issues first
  • 2. Updates management
    • We’ll handle all your WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and plugin updates like pros
    • Scheduled or manual updates with thorough testing, so your site stays smooth
    • We’ll work out a bespoke update schedule that suits you
  • 3. Bug fixes
    • We’ll swiftly resolve visual or functional hiccups
    • Leave it to us to troubleshoot and get things back on track
  • 4. Security patches
    • Trust our recommendations of best-in-class hosting providers like Kinsta to keep your server secure and fend off any cyber threats
    • Regular PHP updates to keep your site safe and up-to-date
  • 5. Site monitoring
    • We use our own Sitewatch tool for round-the-clock monitoring
    • We’re on top of tracking PHP versions and any syntax changes, as well as site speed and digital sustainability
  • Regular backups
    • Daily backups to keep your data safer
    • If something goes wrong, we can quickly restore a previous backup
    • You won’t lose much data, even in a worst-case scenario

Choose the plan that suits you

We offer website support and maintenance as a monthly package. Use as much support as you need, and after a period of 3-months we’ll review this together. Or if you would prefer to invest more resources into your website, you can upgrade to our Always Evolving® package.

Take advantage of our Insights service to maximise your website’s potential.

Everything in Support & Maintenance +

  • + 4 days of production time
  • +1 day Client Partner time
  • Quarterly workshops for website performance reviews and strategic direction
  • Weekly status calls
  • UX, UI and web development
  • QA, testing and optimisation
  • +1 additional day of data-driven Insight services to super-charge your growth!

Our most popular retainer plan, our clients love it and so will you!

Everything in Support & Maintenance +

  • + 2.5 days of production time
  • + 0.5 day Client Partner time
  • Bi-annual workshops for website performance reviews and strategic direction
  • Fortnightly status calls
  • UX, UI and web development
  • QA, testing and optimisation

If none of the above packages suit your needs we’re also open to discussing bespoke plans, request a quote.

Website support and maintenance in Bristol

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