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Iterative website improvements for leading IP firm

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Putting the power back in the hands of Haseltine Lake Kempner


IP experts Haseltine Lake Kempner (HLK) required continuous development of a pre-built WordPress site.

This included delivering and implementing new designs, simplifying functionality, building new features and repurposing existing ones, and streamlining form workflows to speed up internal processes.

Screenshot of Haseltine Lake Kempner WordPress site homepage

What the client wanted

  • Improve, tweak and tidy up the website using the existing codebase
  • Simplify and repurpose existing functionality and build in new functionality
  • New page designs including a refreshed look and feel for the homepage
  • Resolve pre-existing technical issues on a WordPress multisite with multi-lingual functionality to enable effective and efficient work
  • Improve control and flexibility of website forms, which were previously not easily editable and were slow and expensive to tweak

The story

About Haseltine Lake Kempner, one of the largest independent IP firms in Europe providing a full suite of IP services

Working with the organisations and inventors who shape the world around us, Haseltine Lake Kempner is an intellectual property (IP) firm with offices in London, Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, Munich, the Netherlands and China.

Attorneys at Haseltine Lake Kempner are experts in their fields, including tech, engineering, chemistry and life sciences.

The firm protects the rights of inventors and innovation, files patents and defends them in oppositions, builds portfolios, and represents some of the biggest tech and pharma companies around the globe.

Screenshot of Haseltine Lake Kempner WordPress site - Our People page


Onboarding an existing WordPress site

Haseltine Lake Kempner approached Atomic Smash when they were seeking out a new digital partner. The team wanted to change the dynamics they were experiencing with their previous agency, wishing for more time and enthusiasm to make continual improvements to their site.

We took on their existing WordPress site and allocated a number of days to work on it each month, with time set aside for design, development and project management.

Our initial aim was to get it robust, reliable and stable, which involved de-bugging the site and cleaning up the code so it could work as the client wanted it to.

Any inherited codebase poses challenges, but we ring-fenced time to understand the site from the beginning and we keep development and design flexible to work around any historic issues.

Putting these foundations in place was our first priority, ensuring the site was functional and user friendly before later moving on to design, purpose, and projects.

Onboarding was not a stressful experience, it was seamless. It’s been really easy to work with Atomic Smash, we have a good relationship and the transition period was smooth.

Woman with brown hair

Laura Taylor-Jones

Marketing Executive, Haseltine Lake Kempner


Using the website for brand positioning as a modern firm

As a professional services business, Haseltine Lake Kempner is selling a service rather than a product. Instead of working on boosting transactions like with an eCommerce site, we worked closely with the firm to use the WordPress site for greater brand recognition.

We explored how the team at Haseltine Lake Kempner wanted people to see them. Older iterations of the website had felt old-fashioned; to freshen this up, we used new designs and features to project the theme of innovation so that Haseltine Lake Kempner could distinguish itself within the market as a modern firm.

“I have a vision of what I want to do, I pick an area of the website I want to improve next and bring this to the team. They know about our processes internally and the stakeholders involved. They understand what I need from them to help me get things through.”

Woman with brown hair

Laura Taylor-Jones

Marketing Executive, Haseltine Lake Kempner

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Bringing the Our Teams page to life

Designing the Our Teams page was part of a long-term strategy for improving recognition of the experts across various fields at Haseltine Lake Kempner.

We have all these amazing attorneys in our company but we wanted to associate them with fields other than their main, general fields of expertise. Some have interests in AI and are passionate about that, some have interests in FemTech. An area like FemTech could involve people with main specialisms in engineering, life sciences, chemistry and tech.

Laura Taylor-Jones, Marketing Executive, Haseltine Lake Kempner
Screenshot of Haseltine Lake Kempner WordPress Our Teams sub-page showing FemTech team

Putting a spotlight on specialisms across cross-disciplinary teams – information that was previously floating around the site and hard to find – was the driving force behind freshening this section of the website up.

Our Teams demonstrates that the firm can cater to everyone. We can highlight cross-disciplinary teams and show our clients they can come to us with a tech question, an engineering question, pharmaceutical, anything.

Laura Taylor-Jones, Marketing Executive, Haseltine Lake Kempner

This was not just important for bringing new work in, but also for demonstrating greater breadth of expertise to existing clients, particularly large businesses that have branches across various areas.

We have clients using the Our Teams page and saying they didn’t know we had a team in a specific area, so we’re promoting the expertise we have and the wide range this covers.

Laura Taylor-Jones, Marketing Executive, Haseltine Lake Kempner

Showcasing expertise through the refreshed Knowledge Hub

In addition to topical blogs and articles already produced and distributed on their site, Haseltine Lake Kempner wanted to provide a wider knowledge base to help educate users, for instance giving them the steps to filing a patent or a downloadable PDF explainer.

Accessibility and intuitive user experience were key considerations during our design work for the Knowledge Hub. The client wanted their site to be accessible for everyone to use while delivering a good user experience and engaging site visitors.

It is an accessible hub that is available for anyone, it ranges from basic topics like ‘What is IP?’ to more complex areas like patent prosecution and litigation, and it provides an insight into what we do and if they want more they can come to us.

Laura Taylor-Jones, Marketing Executive, Haseltine Lake Kempner
Business leader using documents to work on digital strategy for web clients

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Previous iterations of the Knowledge Hub limited them to four posts per page and it was tricky to navigate through such a large amount of information.

Instead, they wanted to visually differentiate the Knowledge Hub from the rest of the site and requested the freedom to make every section different, instead of being limited by restrictive templates.

Providing the tools to evolve pages

The team at Haseltine Lake Kempner identified that they’d like to make their web pages more visually engaging, so we produced designs and developed blocks to give them the tools to build out pages themselves that could easily flex with the firm’s needs.

One of my aims was to make it more interesting to read content and absorb text. I wanted to be able to draw eyes to different areas of pages by highlighting features, captions or subheadings, and for these to be used all across the site.

Woman with brown hair

Laura Taylor-Jones

Marketing Executive, Haseltine Lake Kempner

Providing these tools and training (with instructions and demos to give clarity about the purpose of each feature) meant we could give the creative power back to Haseltine Lake Kempner and enable them to build out pages to suit their goals in real time.

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What we achieved

Redesigned pages and features, including a refreshed look and feel for the team filtering system

Existing functionality repurposed on new pages, including adapting the filtering system for more pages

Regular site updates ranging from tweaks across pages to building entirely new functionality

New sections of the site built and launched, enabling the website to adapt as the business changes and grows

Website forms rebuilt to give the client flexibility and improve ease of use to lighten workloads

Logic to send form submission notifications to specific recipients based on form data, transforming internal processes

The last word

The team at Atomic Smash are a great group of people and always really helpful. They understand what I’m trying to do and what I’m working with, making the industry more engaging, interesting and enriching with the website design and functionality. They are very patient and great to work with.

Woman with brown hair

Laura Taylor-Jones

Marketing Executive, Haseltine Lake Kempner

Business owners Piers and Dave sit opposite one another in a Bristol cafe

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