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Planning WordPress development projects (2018 edition)

This is how Atomic Smash plans its larger WordPress development projects at the beginning of 2018.

2 weeks ago

Our wish list for machine learning in websites for 2018

What do the websites of the future look like? Will there even be websites in the future? Will websites write themselves? What will people be viewing websites on? Will Google…

2 months ago

How to clear your WordPress cache after saving a custom post

How to clear the cache of custom post types

3 months ago
A newspaper

Using Apple News with your WordPress website

Learn how to setup and integrate your website with Apple News.

4 months ago
Hamburger Illustration

The Hamburger Menu Debate: Design vs UX

In this post I talk about the history of the hamburger icon, the arguments for and against its use on mobile sites and the alternatives.

7 months ago
using gulp with wordpress

Using Gulp with WordPress – Part 2

In this final part of using Gulp with WordPress, I will walk through the process of adding browser reloading as our final task.

9 months ago

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