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Charge your WordPress build with our recommended plugins

Check out the plugins behind all our Wordpress builds.

1 week ago
Admin plugin development

Create a simple WordPress admin plugin

While there are a number of plugins available for customising the WordPress admin interface, this article demonstrates how to write a simple plugin.

4 weeks ago

Backup strategies for business critical WordPress sites

Just like any digital asset, keeping backups of your Wordpress site is essential. Learn how to backup!

1 month ago

Using Forge to setup a WordPress server

Get started building your own Wordpress Web Servers with Forge

2 months ago
Using Twig and Timber

Using Twig & Timber

This post will give you an idea of what Twig and Timber are all about and what they can offer you when choosing to use a template language.

4 months ago

Fixing post scheduling in WordPress

Use this guide to fix the built in Wordpress post scheduling tool. This is essential for almost any site that relies of scheduling content

5 months ago

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