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How we plan for our work experience students

We are keen to help others grow and will go out of our way to encourage aspiring designers and developers, we offer work experience to students in Bristol.

1 month ago
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How we use personas to develop user-centric designs

Personas are used to influence the features and functionality of a project. Have a look at our persona template and try making your own.

3 months ago

How to define your value proposition messaging on a charity website

How we help clients define their value propositions for charities and not for profit organisations.

11 months ago

Why it is important to take time out to reflect on a project after launch

Why we feel that looking back on a project is time well spent.

2 years ago
CSS Architecture methodologies atomic smash blog

CSS Architecture and Methodologies

Taking time to properly plan your CSS before a large project can save your dev team a lot of time and effort in the future.

2 years ago

What to consider when planning a WordPress website project?

An insight into how Atomic Smash research and plan their projects.

2 years ago

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