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Audit of Shopify checkout journey for SS Great Britain

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Helping users navigate to SS Great Britain’s online store

World-famous attraction, museum, event venue, and charitable trust, SS Great Britain, needed to improve national awareness, align both physical and digital customer experience, and encourage conversions to generate healthy revenue streams to support its activities.

We helped this client encourage users to navigate to the SS Great Britain Shopify store, which we linked in the main menu of their WordPress site.

Selling branded products boosts national awareness for SS Great Britain, a key challenge they are working to improve, while supporting revenue streams.

Screenshot of SS Great Britain Shopify store

The seamless link to the Shopify store enables purchases from visitors who are interacting with the museum digitally rather than visiting SS Great Britain in person.

This supports a key strategic goal for SS Great Britain: to create the ultimate visitor experience by seamlessly aligning digital content with on-site visits.

Reviewing SS Great Britain’s checkout flow

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we recently undertook a UX audit to uncover friction points and share insights into how the Shopify checkout journey and store could be evolved and improved.

Screenshot of SS Great Britain Shopify store products in checkout flow

Our report covered insights into accessibility, UX, design and compliance, with suggestions for how the experience could be more intuitive, inclusive, and encourage higher conversion rates.

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