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Brand consistency across Studio Voltaire & House of Voltaire

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Supporting funding streams

Studio Voltaire is one of the UK’s leading not–for–profits within the arts. Funding streams are crucial for Studio Voltaire to deliver its aim to champion emerging and under-represented artists.

The organisation fundraises through a combination of support from individuals and sponsors, public funders, charitable trusts and foundations, and sales through House of Voltaire.

House of Voltaire commissions and sells unique artworks, limited edition prints and specially-commissioned homewares, clothing and accessories by artists and designers of local and world notoriety.

Brand consistency across WordPress and Shopify sites

We created a direct relationship with Studio Voltaire’s main WordPress website and its Shopify site under the House of Voltaire brand.

We redesigned the Shopify installation and our developers undertook a variety of small but essential tasks to protect the client’s brand and eCommerce strategy.

For instance, ensuring brand consistency across the Shopify store and defining product categories for a more intuitive customer experience.

Sales of artworks is a key funding stream for Studio Voltaire, and purchases supports its world-renowned artistic and public programmes.

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