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Why you should have experts manage your website security

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Guarding against WordPress impersonation scams

Your website is a crucial platform for your business, so website security is paramount.

Recently, the WordPress Security Team issued a crucial alert about a concerning uptick in impersonation scams targeting website owners, which have potential to breach website security.

These scams involve deceptive emails posing as official WordPress communications, urging immediate plugin installations to address alleged vulnerabilities.

Impersonation scams pose risks across all types of technologies and website platforms, but this particular example demonstrates why it’s so important to work with experts to protect WordPress websites from security threats.

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Website vigilance: Catching the warning signs

One of our developers recently encountered this type of phishing attempt. However, he identified a key red flag: the absence of any mention of the affected WordPress version.

Jumping into detective mode, he identified that it was a sophisticated scam. Having an expert agency managing your website means that attempts to compromise website security can be quickly identified and avoided.

Why use professionals for website security

  1. Vigilance against scams:
    Trained professionals can discern subtle signs that might otherwise go unnoticed, preventing potential security breaches.
  2. Expert handling of updates:
    Our team ensures regular updates of all plugins and software, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities exploited by malicious actors.
  3. Locked-down plugin installations:
    Secure plugin installation methods are important. Websites under our care have plugin installations restricted to developer-approved methods, minimising the risk of unauthorised or potentially harmful additions.

Working with agency partners

Partnering with a reputable web agency is a crucial line of defence against emerging threats. We’re committed to safeguarding our clients’ websites and providing them with peace of mind.

If you have concerns or questions about site security, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Contact us

Talk to us about website security, or request a security audit.

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Tess Coughlan-Allen Marketing Lead

Friday 8th December 2023