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Pulling products from Shopify to WordPress for Whitechapel Gallery

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Seamlessly linking WordPress and Shopify for Whitechapel Gallery

Driven by a century-long commitment to art education, Whitechapel Gallery is one of the UK’s great cultural hubs. We worked closely with the team to get their site working harder for them, including through a Shopify integration.

We built a plugin to bring Shopify products into their WordPress site via an API. The Shopify API pulls lists of products so staff can add these across the WordPress site as related content.

Screenshot of Whitechapel Gallery's Shopify store showing rare archive posters for sale

The platforms were styled to create seamless transitions between the shop and website, and both information and user journeys can flow back and forth between Shopify and WordPress.

The concept of shared content was a key requirement for this client. It was incredibly important for the Whitechapel Gallery team to be empowered to advertise products, events, blog posts, press releases and artist information easily across platforms.

For instance, event and exhibition pages can pull in related Shopify products and the Whitechapel Gallery team has control to select these products from a live and up-to-date Shopify feed.

This creates a better experience for end users because it provides quick and easy access to relevant products, while opening up more sales opportunities to Whitechapel Gallery and its artists.

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