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Giving an existing website a new life for legal firm

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Website improvements helping Bolt Burdon Kemp change peoples’ lives for the better


The team at Bolt Burdon Kemp (BBK) was looking for a new digital partner to drive forward their existing WordPress site through monthly development work and optimisation. 

BBK wanted to avoid a repeat of history, where previous iterations of their website quickly became outdated and needed to be completely rebuilt. They came to us seeking to move forward with a different way of working, prioritising continuous improvements to their existing website. 

We catered to this with our Always Evolving® model; a strategic alternative to building an entirely new website every couple of years.

Bolt Burdon Kemp WordPress site showing homepage

What the client wanted

The story

About BBK

Bolt Burdon Kemp (BBK) is a leading national law firm, specialising in securing compensation for clients who have been seriously injured.

BBK change peoples’ lives, and the law, for the better

Growing every year, the firm is going from strength to strength. They wanted to evolve their website over time to optimise for the best performance, extend functionality, improve UX, add new features, support their campaigns, and showcase their social justice agenda more firmly.

Bolt burdon Kemp WordPress site showing homepage with testimonial and statistics


Inheriting a website built by another agency

Working on websites that were originally launched by other agencies is often technically challenging, but we’re well versed in overcoming these challenges. Running through our detailed onboarding process gives us visibility of any issues and space to solve them.

A significant obstacle to overcome when we first started our work with BBK was getting the site stable and reliable. Their website was constantly timing out, and we identified that this was related to issues with the server setup.

Fixing these major problems with uptime was folded into the onboarding process. We managed a hosting migration so that we could swiftly move forward with a more reliable server and stable website to work with.

Team member giving insights about website in meeting

You don’t need a new website, you need a better one

We’re experts at taking a website that was built by another agency or developer and making it exceptional.

Presenting hubs with informational content on their website in better ways

BBK wanted their website to offer a more personalised experience for different audience groups:

Other areas with room for improvement across the site


Onboarding an existing site and getting the site to a stable space

Our first challenge was onboarding BBK’s existing website, but we tackled this by following a thorough internal process covering:

  1. Local development setup
  2. Full site and server audits
  3. Integration analysis and gaining access to external services
  4. Documentation including user journey workflows
  5. Familiarising ourselves deeply with the site so future deployments will roll out smoothly
  6. Benchmarking site performance

Server move to improve uptime

The team at BBK informed us that their website was often timing out and going down. We investigated this and identified issues with the server set up on their existing host, then made our recommendations for a server move that would improve uptime. 

Our recommendation was to host the website with Kinsta, which offers green hosting using Google Cloud platform and Cloudflare. 

We coordinated the transfer over to Kinsta and BBK’s general server response time dropped from 2-3 secs to around 0.1 second, a huge speed improvement. Their uptime skyrocketed to 100% and we recorded huge performance gains with 91% improvement.

Bringing new life to online resource hubs for veterans and women’s health

We worked with BBK to refresh both their Veterans’ Resettlement Hub and their Women’s Health Hub, which present resources relevant to each audience group.

The Veterans’ Resettlement Hub had a huge amount of information that needed to be more bitesize, with clear navigation to more details and other services. First we advised on design, considering usability and aesthetics. Then we implemented the improvements, including:

The Women’s Health Hub had a design that BBK wanted to freshen up and make more engaging, with new functionality to host videos and other types of content such as podcasts.

This refresh brought the hub more in line with the current look and feel of the site, while prioritising intuitive navigation and user experience. The work included:

We aimed to keep the space as simple and as flexible as possible, future-proofing it as the amount of content expands and making sure the work can be replicated across further hubs.

Launching bespoke solutions for further resource hubs

Brain Injury Employment Hub

BBK asked us to help them create an entirely bespoke WordPress-integrated solution for their Brain Injury Employment Hub campaign resource, providing useful information for both employer and employee audiences. 

They wanted something unique and creative that met a high standard of accessibility and paced information in a manner appropriate for their target audience, who may be experiencing cognitive challenges. 

Our work included:

Supporting topical campaigns with more valuable quizzes and surveys

The website had some old resources with untapped potential, such as a campaign quiz that had not been set up in a way that was easy to report on or re-use. We proposed building this in Gravity Forms utilising the survey add-on to give this feature more value.

We refreshed the quiz feature by making it fully accessible, making the look and feel coherent with the website’s design, and ensuring it is completely reusable for future, similar campaigns.

In addition, we enabled greater variety for the quizzes and surveys. This means the client can include new formats for their questions, such as true or false, multiple choice, scoring polls, and optional open-ended text fields, and conditional logic that sends users through different routes  depending on their answers.

Finally, the results can be exported into a format that is readable, easily organised and analysed.

Incremental improvements

Always Evolving is an ongoing journey we take with clients, making their existing websites exceptional. This involves major features and enhancements, as well as a combination of smaller improvements. For instance, for BBK, we:

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What we achieved

Transformed an existing website that kept going down into a stable and high performing site

Content hubs and topical campaigns for audience to have a personalised experience

Fast and stable site with enhanced performance

New and engaging functionality and designs

Improved accessibility, usability, and GDPR compliance

Back-end improvements, form customisation and automated testing for better usability for the client

In numbers


Uptime after server move


Improvement in performance

The last word

Nat has been absolutely fantastic in getting projects organised and delivered. Colin is superb and is very knowledgeable and client friendly. Since joining our account, Beth has been amazing at bringing our projects to life, she had very big shoes to fill and I think she has really excelled. I am really pleased with the team that we have and I am equally pleased at the relationships that we are growing.

Photo of Mona Chogri

Mona Chogri

Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Bolt Burdon Kemp

Strategic audit in office by WooCommerce Agency Bristol

Let’s experiment!

We’ll start with a website audit, then we’ll experiment and roll out data-driven improvements.