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Screenshot of the first page of the Shopify '24 Winter Edition with a visual cue of what's going to be covered, plus Shopify logo

What we love from Shopify’s Winter '24 Edition

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The latest stand-outs from Shopify Editions

Shopify Editions are bi-annual product updates that showcase the latest updates from Shopify while bringing you on the journey they’re taking to the cutting edge of commerce.

The spotlight for the Shopify’s Winter ’24 Edition is firmly on strengthening Shopify’s foundations in the pursuit of being a world-class solution.

There are so many big features and enhancements being introduced in this edition, which reflects the platform’s ongoing commitment to advancing the end-to-end online buying experience.

Screenshot from Shopify '24 Winter Edition showing product variations with the example of swimming shorts

The latest upgrades span four categories: conversion, channels, marketing, and operations. Here are our stand-outs!

Everything we love from Shopify’s Winter ’24 Edition

  1. Streamlined checkout that’s 4-seconds faster for buyers to complete, plus up to 95% faster loading speeds
  2. Managing product variations like colour or style options from a single parent listing, but with each variation having its own description, media & URL
  3. AI-powered search features that understand customer search intent (truly giving the people what they want!)
  4. Subscriptions app helping you increase customer lifetime value, plus customers have the flexibility to modify or skip orders from their account
  5. Product bundles have increased from 10 to 30, helping you drive up that AOV!
  6. New types of discounts including free shipping and fixed promotions, with savings visible to buyers in cart view – smart!
  7. Greater customisability of an already beautifully-optimised checkout via APIs. Watch for more
  8. Shop Pay (the internet’s top-performing digital wallet) now integrates with any checkout, not just Shopify stores. This is huge!
  9. New analytics dashboard to track and optimise performance with trusted insights across three Core Web Vitals
  10. Stronger retargeting and benchmarks for ads, with smarter algorithms that maximise performance on top ad platforms
  11. Getting interactive with shoppable videos and product recommendation quizzes through add-ons that boost engagement
  12. AI-enabled image editing features for your product photography, so you can instantly generate, match, or remove the background of images

And this just scratches the surface. Read on for the full list of updates via the Shopify Winter ’24 Edition.

Screenshot from Shopify '24 Winter Edition showing an ad retargeting example

What we want more of…

Free stuff. We’re not kidding. Shopify’s Winter ’24 Edition is great, but much of it requires extra cash. When compared with other eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, which has more options for extending using custom code or opting for free plugins, the Shopify eco-system can seem costly.

Shopify Plus and paid add-ons don’t suit every merchant. And budgets need to be balanced, so there will be limitations for some merchants.

That said, we love seeing how Shopify is doubling down on its foundations and continuing to enhance an already user-centric experience.

Tess looking at camera in front of a metal backdrop

Tess Coughlan-Allen Marketing Lead

Thursday 1st February 2024