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Comparing WordPress image optimisation tools to speed up your page loading

Over the next couple of months we'll be covering topics that will help speed up your site, this will improve user experience and help with your general SEO efforts.

3 years ago

Taking Sketch further

Exploring some of the slightly advanced features that enhance the digital design app from Bohemian.

3 years ago
Interface networking opporuntiy

Atomic Smash attend Interface 2016

Atomic Smash were invited to attend Interface 2016 by The Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to meet other Arts & Culture organisations at an exclusive event.

3 years ago

Why it is important to take time out to reflect on a project after launch

Why we feel that looking back on a project is time well spent.

4 years ago
CSS Architecture methodologies atomic smash blog

CSS Architecture and Methodologies

Taking time to properly plan your CSS before a large project can save your dev team a lot of time and effort in the future.

4 years ago

Apps to improve your design workflow

If like me, you enjoy using tools to increase your productivity, then keep reading to find out some gems I use.

4 years ago

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