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The UK’s leading WooCommerce agency

Atomic Smash is a Certified Platinum WooExpert, endorsed by WooCommerce, the world’s biggest eCommerce platform

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Accelerating online sales

Working with a digital agency that specialises in WooCommerce will help you get the most out of the platform and future-proof your website as your business grows and evolves over time.

WooCommerce is an industry-leading eCommerce platform. Its versatility and ease of use make it a popular option for small businesses and enterprises alike. Its open-source structure also means it is constantly being improved on by the global developer community.

The platform is highly customisable through coding or a range of plugins that can be added or swapped out according to your business needs.

Atomic Smash is the UK’s leading WooCommerce agency. We know WordPress and WooCommerce inside out, and we’ve got the credentials to prove it. We’re Certified Platinum WooExperts, which means we are officially verified and endorsed by WooCommerce.

Whatever your eCommerce goals are, we’ll work with you to come up with a strategy and take the steps to get there.

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Take the first step towards growth

Want to grow sales through your WooCommerce store? Let us help you on that journey.

Find out how we can help your website reach its potential and deliver results.

What is a WooCommerce agency?

A WooCommerce agency is usually a web design and development agency specialising in designing and programming online stores using WordPress and WooCommerce.

What does a WooCommerce agency do?

Every agency will have a slightly different service offering, but these are some of the core areas we focus on at Atomic Smash, designed to facilitate eCommerce growth:

  • Growth strategies
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Web analytics
  • Checkout optimisation
  • Conversion optimisation
  • UX and buyer research
  • Product feeds
  • Site speed and performance
  • Accessibility
  • A/B testing
  • Subscriptions and memberships
  • Amplifying reach through SEO

These are our core areas of focus, and other agencies will have slightly different service offerings.

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Do web agencies use WooCommerce?

There are many web agencies that focus on working with WooCommerce, which is the world’s most popular eCommerce platform. It offers flexible and adaptable solutions for changing needs over time, and WordPress’s global community of contributors and developers are constantly improving WooCommerce’s functionality.

Working with a digital partner like Atomic Smash that is equipped to handle the long-term evolution of the platform will future-proof your website and give you peace of mind.

Benefits of using WooCommerce

WooCommerce has long been the market leader of eCommerce software platforms. It powers over 3 million online stores and there are ambitious expansion plans in store for the future.

Integrating fully with WordPress, WooCommerce is supported and enhanced by a global community of advocates. And there are major improvements to performance and design in the pipeline, keeping pace with changing needs and expectations of merchants and end customers alike.

Read on for more benefits of using WooCommerce…

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  • User-friendly

    Easy to use back-end meaning content can be updated easily no matter your skill level

  • Highly customisable

    You can extend functionality through code or plugins

  • Wide reach

    SEO-friendly and often ranks highly in search engines

  • Prime for enhancements

    Well-suited to ongoing improvements and makes it easy to test for conversion optimisation

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Grow your WooCommerce sales

Our services are tailored to support your business achieve online success.

How much does a WooCommerce website cost to make?

How much it costs to make or improve a WooCommerce site depends on several factors, such as the:

  • nature of the work being done
  • complexity of site functionality
  • agency skills, experience and standards of work

Every agency has different ways of working and every client will have different needs so it’s difficult to provide accurate estimates that take these into consideration.

When we provide cost estimates, we’ll be as upfront as we can and we’ll break down every part of the process.

Some agencies may provide rough ballpark figures and unrealistic timeframes, resulting in projects going over deadlines or developers cutting corners with code to meet deadlines. We avoid this by investigating thoroughly at the beginning of a project so we can give accurate estimates.

We always prioritise quality to deliver our clients WooCommerce stores that will perform and convert as optimally as possible, and get better and better over time.

Keep in mind that building and launching a new website is just the first step. You should be investing in your website on an ongoing basis if you want to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

At Atomic Smash, we take a results-driven approach, so you will see reliable returns on the investment you put into your WooCommerce store. Our ‘Always Evolving’ service model offers different levels of support for businesses of all sizes, as well as a bespoke option for clients in need of a more personalised service.

We fine-tune your site to achieve an exceptional shopping experience, reducing load times and increasing conversions. With Atomic Smash as your digital partner, you can confidently maximise your sales potential.

Who we work with

  • Delivering the world’s most uplifting news to more readers

    New website project WooCommerce
  • Fresh digital customer experience for FMCG brand

    Always Evolving WooCommerce
  • 20% AOV increase for luxury chocolate eCommerce site

    Always Evolving WooCommerce
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What’s it like to work with a WooCommerce agency?

Working with an agency that specialises in WooCommerce means you can rest assured your website will be supported and improved over time.

We’re the WooCommerce agency for high-converting stores, and we’re one of just three UK agencies to be backed by WooCommerce as an official Platinum partner. Our expert team can design, build, optimise and amplify growth for eCommerce sites with WordPress and WooCommerce at whatever scale you need.

We approach every new project with curiosity and openness, combining thorough research with technical expertise and a passion for efficacy and pushing boundaries.

As an expert WooCommerce design agency based in Bristol, Atomic Smash offers bespoke and customised WooCommerce development, design and user experience (UX). We take a results-driven approach to increasing eCommerce sales through technical expertise, data analysis, channel integrations and conversion optimisation.

How can I find an agency that’s the right match?

Every agency is different, and finding the right one to build a relationship with over time can be a challenge. When searching for a WooCommerce agency that’s the right fit for you, you should be considering factors such as:

Awards and credentials — for instance, we’re an multi award-winning WooExpert agency with years of industry experience

Trustworthy and reliable for peace of mind that your site is in safe hands and growing in line with your business goals

Referrals from sources you trust such as your marketing agency

Communication styles that are a good match with the way you like to work

Alignment with your company’s core values and motivations

Collaborative with compatible and transparent working processes

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Websites like Clutch allow you to search for service providers in different locations, and compare providers to find ones within your budget that offer the services you need.


Yes. We build all our websites to work on different device types and screen sizes, and create inclusive, accessible designs.

Yes, provided it’s an existing WordPress site, we can build a WooCommerce store.

No, not necessarily. We’re experts in getting existing WordPress and WooCommerces sites to work harder, producing better return on investment. Our Always Evolving approach to our work means we can usually evolve your existing site.

Yes, but there are times when you’re better off using code to achieve certain functionalities. Where appropriate, choosing a solution through coding instead of plugins often makes your site leaner and faster and less work to maintain.

If we’re working with you, we’ll recommend where plugins are best suited and where custom code will prove to be a better long-term choice.

Yes. WooCommerce is the industry-leading platform for eCommerce because it offers flexibility, ease of use and the freedom you need to drive business growth.

Its global developer community is constantly improving on its core features, making it perform better, faster and more securely. Technology is only as good as the community around it, and the success of WordPress and WooCommerce speaks to this fact.

It depends on your business needs. If you have the budget and resources, a bespoke website design will be customised to your needs and easy to scale up or adapt as needed.

Off-the-shelf themes are useful if you’re a small business in need of a quick solution, but you’ll be limited in the changes you can make if your business grows or changes direction.

Bespoke WooCommerce designs give you the freedom to tweak your design and extend the functionality of your website over time so it can keep delivering results.

Yes. We can work with you on an SEO strategy tailored to your needs, growing your existing audience and reaching new customer bases in the process. You can find out more on our Services page.

Every website will always have room for improvement. You should always be viewing your website as a work in progress, and this is reflected in our Always Evolving service model.

We’ll work with you over time to understand your business needs and provide ongoing maintenance and optimisation services to keep your website performing optimally, getting better and better over time.

Yes. We use a combination of user research, data analysis and A/B testing to improve websites, grow sales and maximise conversions. You can learn about this in more detail on our Services page.

This will vary on a client-to-client basis. We offer several monthly plans with different levels of support available for businesses of different sizes.

We have deep experience working with eCommerce sites, tourism and attractions businesses, B2B professional services, and non-profits, and we work with a wide range of clients across those sectors and beyond.

You can check out some of our previous work on our ‘Case studies’ page.

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