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Planning WordPress development

Get in insight into how the dev team at Atomic Smash, plan development for an upcoming project.

3 weeks ago
Local WordPress Development

The best tools for working locally on WordPress

In this post I will compare some of the most popular methods, what the advantages are of using virtual machines (vm’s)  and our preferred setup at Atomic Smash.

3 weeks ago
Image optimisation

Creating your own image optimisation for WordPress [advanced]

Create a slim custom method of optimising WordPress media library

1 month ago

Common WordPress hacks to look out for

Understand some of the most common hacks made on Wordpress.

2 months ago

Working with the WordPress Command Line Interface (WP CLI)

In this post, we'll take a look at what the WP CLI is, it's default functions and how we can extend it even further.

2 months ago

Add caching to WordPress [easy]

Speed up your site and increase possible traffic by using a WordPress Caching solution

3 months ago

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