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Adding a Content Delivery network for super fast WordPress assets [easy]

Add a Content Delivery Network - CDN to your Wordpress Site is a couple of clicks

2 days ago
Image to demonstrate Wordpress REST API

Finding time for REST with the WordPress API – Part 2

In this final part of the series I will add Ajax and jQuery functionality to fetch data from the REST API route created in part 1 to create a dynamically…

1 week ago

Embedding video using the HTML5 video tag

Read how to embed video into your website while understanding some of the advantage and disadvantages of the methods mentioned in this post.

3 weeks ago
using gulp with wordpress

Using Gulp with WordPress – Part 1

In the first part of this series I’ll run through what Gulp is and how to setup it up and use it in your WordPress development.

1 month ago
Building a Web App with WordPress

Building a Web App with WordPress

WordPress is certainly not known as being a platform/framework for building Web Apps, but out of the box it comes with most of a Web Apps basic needs - User…

2 months ago
Admin plugin development

Create a simple WordPress admin plugin

While there are a number of plugins available for customising the WordPress admin interface, this article demonstrates how to write a simple plugin.

3 months ago

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