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Using Apple News with your WordPress website

Learn how to setup and integrate your website with Apple News.

4 weeks ago

Build an interactive map with Leaflet JS

This tutorial will explain how to create a simple, full-screen map containing an interactive map with clickable markers that can be customised and styled.

2 months ago

Working with the WordPress Command Line Interface (WP CLI)

In this post, we'll take a look at what the WP CLI is, it's default functions and how we can extend it even further.

4 months ago
Image of glasses on a book

Build a custom text size magnifier to improve accessibility

This article demonstrates how to build a custom text size increaser button to improve accessibility for visually impaired users.

5 months ago

Hello from Atomic Smash newbie and Sketch beginner!

As my third week with Atomic Smash comes to an end, it’s probably a good time to introduce myself, talk about what I have been up to and describe my…

5 months ago

Embedding video using video sharing platforms

Read on how to embed video into your website by using video sharing platforms like Youtube and Vimeo.

5 months ago

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