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5 ways you can become a better programmer

In this article, I have compiled 5 unconventional ways on how to become a better programmer referencing some my personal inspirations and motivations I've found along the way.

5 days ago
using gulp with wordpress

Using Gulp with WordPress – Part 1

In the first part of this series I’ll run through what Gulp is and how to setup it up and use it in your WordPress development.

4 months ago

Using Forge to setup a WordPress server

Get started building your own Wordpress Web Servers with Forge

7 months ago
Collabrative tools used at Atomic Smash

Collaborative Tools used at Atomic Smash

A run down on some of the tools we use at Atomic Smash, to keep our work on track and produce work of the highest quality

10 months ago
CSS Architecture methodologies atomic smash blog

CSS Architecture and Methodologies

Taking time to properly plan your CSS before a large project can save your dev team a lot of time and effort in the future.

10 months ago

Apps to improve your design workflow

If like me, you enjoy using tools to increase your productivity, then keep reading to find out some gems I use.

10 months ago

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